Antonio Bernardo creates jewels which span the fields of artistic restlessness and contemporary design. In his work, innovation and tradition interact, employing the excellence of handcrafted jewelry and sophisticated industrial processes to devise jewels that resemble sculptured objects.

Trial, empiric sensitivity and exacting production are main concepts in his design, whose identity lays in reinventing itself, everyday, through physical and functional investigation of matter. Therefore, his jewels register a journey, combining minimalist delicacy and innovative experimentation to express the designer’s creative identity.

The jewels Antonio Bernardo designs emerge from wielding conceptual models. Paper, metal, threads, plates and other diverse flexible materials act as experimental instruments and replicate folds, creases, angles, movement and fittings which are recurrent in his designs.

A knowledgeable goldsmith, experienced in the craft’s materials and techniques and very attuned to diverse current cultural, behavioral and existential manifestations, Antonio Bernardo’s motivation to create comes from the beauty seen in a gem, the cognitive derivation of a word, by observing individuals and social groups, as well as from the plastic investigation of surprising shapes. The Welcome Vault


Antonio Bernardo is a determined creator, thus, when conducting his design process, he roams through different sources and paths for inspiration. As a group, they portray important moments of his career, and are often revisited in his designs.